ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer

ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer 1.5

Structured Diff Viewer compares C# and Delphi pascal source based on syntax
1.5.5 (See all)
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ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer compares C# and Delphi pascal source based on syntax.
Regular file based difference viewers report lots of changes if methods or properties are just moved to a different location in a source file - even if nothing relevant changed.

Also, if white space is changed - especially line spanning - file based differences report unnecessary changes.

ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer does not care about white space or locations. It compares source a syntactically. This helps you trace actual changes, even if methods are moved to another location or appear in different order.

The Navigation tree shows a hierarchal overview of changed, added and removed entities. This allows fast navigation to inspect change details.

Use Class Difference to compare any two classes (or methods) in any two files. Class Difference allows you to:
- Compare renamed classes and methods in different files.
- See structured differences for classes that are refactored and split into several other classes.
- Trace detailed changes for similar methods in different classes. Even if those methods have different names.

Main Features :
- Structured difference.
- Class difference.
- Method difference.
- File based difference.
- File Drag & Drop interface.
- Command line interface.
- Options to fine tune Difference Engine.
- Define Navigation Tree order and filter.

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